Writing whatever post

I’m here saying all this because I need to put this out here for the record. When I blog, it’s mainly about record-keeping. It’s about documenting my creative journey. I need to write the truth of how it has been going with me of late. Multitasking website-building while writing a book and writing blog posts

Taking walks

Now, when I go on walks to clear my head and be inspired, all the angst I used to feel is gone. Outside my front door I have no worries to anticipate. There are simply leafy green trees, exotic flowers, blooming in those leaves, blue skies, sunshine, and cawing jungle birds. Mexico. I love it …

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Moving is hard

It’s 5:00 am and once again, I can’t sleep. This is another part of the uprooting our lives and preparing to move to another country that I hadn’t anticipated. Sleeping. What it might be like to sleep through the night with so many different parts of the moving process unfolding, dealing with so many different …

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