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Website Building Joy!!

Holy shit! this website building no longer feels like i’m slamming my head repeatedly against a brick wall. Woo-hooo!! I’m beginning to actually understand some of the tricky details involved. Fuuuccckkk!! the learning curve for understanding how to build a website is steep af. But with a little bit of patience and perseverance . . …

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Writing whatever post

I’m here saying all this because I need to put this out here for the record. When I blog, it’s mainly about record-keeping. It’s about documenting my creative journey. I need to write the truth of how it has been going with me of late. Multitasking website-building while writing a book and writing blog posts

Taking walks

Now, when I go on walks to clear my head and be inspired, all the angst I used to feel is gone. Outside my front door I have no worries to anticipate. There are simply leafy green trees, exotic flowers, blooming in those leaves, blue skies, sunshine, and cawing jungle birds. Mexico. I love it …

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Moving is hard

It’s 5:00 am and once again, I can’t sleep. This is another part of the uprooting our lives and preparing to move to another country that I hadn’t anticipated. Sleeping. What it might be like to sleep through the night with so many different parts of the moving process unfolding, dealing with so many different …

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Feeling grateful

We are both grateful to be here, living in this kind of peaceful life where nothing is urgent for the moment, for the foreseeable future. Where we can simply be reflective about life and the lessons we’ve learned so far with each other. This is a beautiful thing to enjoy: being content. Living unhurried in …

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Grocery shopping, early days

When we got home, after we put away the groceries, I brewed a pot of coffee. It’s been over a week since the last pot of coffee we made and drank. We each made a delicious cup and sat on the couch luxuriously sipping. Today at the Chedraui was our grocery reconnaissance day. I had …

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Getting somewhere, i think

ok, so here’s what i’m gonna do. i’m gonna fill these pages with a bunch of fake blog posts and see what happens. except, i don’t have time to write them all out one by one. so i’m about to dip into my private essay files and start cutting and pasting. ok, let’s go!

I’m all over the place!

Yeah, so i deleted a bunch of shit i don’t think i need. honestly, i’m still trying to figure this all out. so this is a nothing post. just want to throw some words up here and see how it looks on the site. whew! what a fucking journey this website building has been so …

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