Hi, I'm Mia

Let's share our stories

Your story-the life you've lived so far-matters.

There is no one else like you. Be who you came to be. Keep shining your light!

This is my life's third act . . .

I did all the grownup stuff that was expected of me and now it’s time to play. What about you? What part of life are you in? Where will you go next? Listen, life is awesome if you figure out how to shift perspectives and let yourself have more fun.

You are extraordinary. We each have something special to share.


Hmmm . . .  trying to figure out how to configure this pretty pink box. The text below won’t let me change it. By the way, I’m the author of one book. And I’m getting ready to publish a second one soon. 

I am text block. Click edit button to change this text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. 

Pssst! I have to tell you something . . .

This website is a TEST SITE. This is where I come to play. Yes, these pages are real but then again, not really. My real site is miaharcher.com

Let's share our journeys

I’m kinda shocked at the way my life turned out. The roads I traveled in the earlier chapters often sucked big time. But now? A bunch of fantabulous days!

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Are you ready to try living your life differently? Are you ready to be inspired? Wouldn’t you like to discover and unveil other sides of yourself? YOU are more than the person you’ve been presenting to The World. There is so much more to you, isn’t there? Sharing The Story of You will bring you to your deeper self, the self that The World has been waiting to see. Let us see more of who you really are!